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In the book you are going to write there will be unobtrusive combinations,
formulations made up of letters, and they will arouse in the majority
of people good and radiant feelings. These feelings are capable
of overcoming ailments of body and soul, and will facilitate
the birth of a new awareness inherent in people of the future.
Believe me, Vladimir, this is not mysticism - it is in accord
with the laws of the Universe."
- Anastasia.

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All Blessings to All!!

It is amazing to hear of a human that is still living the life that the creator gave to us all. I was fortunate to have been exposed to a man who recieved information about our ancient ancestors, in the same way that Anastasia recieves her info. We all have this capability. However, most of us have lost it. First from falling away from the inner(and thereby the outer) awareness of God conciousness. Then because of our loss, we make wrong decisions due to fear, greed, etc etc... The other reason we lost contact with the spiritual world is because our spiritual centers in the cranium are crippled and are being crippled by pollution. That's why the radio-television mechanism that nature supplied the human with is faulty at best. Man's direct contact to the spirit is through breathing. Breathing is what gives man life in the flesh.

"And God breathed the breath of life into man's nostrils and man became a living soul."

The word "spirit" comes from latin "spirarie" meaning "to breathe," inspire, exspire.

I'm so impressed with the books!! The info is touching a part of our subconcious that recognizes our illustrious past. When everyone's awareness and capabilities were at normal. Many people are saying that Anastasia is not normal. I say to everyone that Anastasia and a few others ARE NORMAL,most of us are the one's who are not normal. Man in his natural state and environment, is able to see and hear and know all things, even from great distances. My teacher also stated that everything man makes is a crude copy of what nature has already made. Truth never goes out of fashion, the truth endures all time and space. The Ringing Cedars books will help many to awaken the world within themselves.

I, immediately upon reading the first book, thought of one of America's greatest healer and psyhic, Edgar Cayce, and what he stated in one of his prophecies:

"Out of Russia will come the hope of the world".

Could Anastasia and her spiritual insight's be what Edgar Cayce was talking about?

I send all the blessings that all deserve!!

Joseph Boulder, CO, USA

I have now read Book 8 Part I in german. Vladimir Megre describes his experience in the Taiga with Anastasiya, Grandfather, Wolodja, Animals and Nature so beautifully that for me, it was almost like "coming home " reading the book. My thank's to everyone who is contributing to bring Anastasiya's dream into the world and help us remember who we really are. I feel so blessed to be part of this great adventure - Thank you - Thank you- Thank you !!!

Petra, Yelm, WA, USA

Having studied this subject for many years, I am writing a screenplay about the Powers of Nature and am fascinated with the information in Chapter 1 of Anastasia. Thank You!

Bryan, West Hollywood, CA, USA

Thank you for the book! It arrived before yesterday and I just cannot put it down. How fantastic! It makes me even more "homesick" for I love living close to nature and yet am forced to be associated with a city like Chicago. What an irony of life! My "wild" imagination takes me right into the taiga and as I lose myself in reading, I can actually "see" in my mind Anastasia and her beautiful "home!" Fantastic story, the more fantastic as it is really true!

Anna, Chicago, Illinois, USA


Margaret, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Anastasia's wonderful! I truly believe this is the book that will make all religious systems and all social structures respond. It is so much in tune with mankind's transformation that takes place and will immensely contribute to that transformation in the best possible way -- practically, metaphysically, theologically, philosophically... The freedom that this book carries in its life-concept for individuals and the society as a whole is so beautiful that everybody who reads the book will respond and will become a better person than what he or she was before reading it! It only takes to have an open mind and be ready to accept Anastasia not as a fiction but rather as a living person next door! Just a bit different from you and me. Of course we, "very well educated people", find it hard to admit that the lifestyle we have in this society is pretty close to slavery compared to the potential for freedom, for love, for compassion, for God in ourselves. We are losing sight of higher values and are running after dollars, mortgage and garbage...
Thanks a lot for bringing this wonderful book into the English language! Thanks for the joy and love this book will trigger in the souls of people in the English speaking world! I sincerely hope it will help to avoid some of the 'predestined' paths for us people on this continent. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to become a better person myself and offering this gift to us all!

Rada, Toronto, Canada

Anastasia has been sending me loving vibrations all the while, and my medicine work, pregnancy and midwifery work have been touched lovingly. But I am still journeying with what I have carried over from my ancestors, and Anastasia reminds me that I have the power to heal those hurts they carried. I have been giving friends the copies of Anastasia, speaking about Book 2 all the time, and enjoying the invigorating conversations within. I am having one-on-one conversations with womyn friends about the books. Sarah is so turned on by the series but feels confused about what she will do with all this light. I am rejoicing at the interpersonal connection that Anastasia has gifted me with.
If you can get a chance, try to see a movie (new release on video) entitled What the BLEEP do we know? It is so well-done, basically talking about the Universal Mind within each of us, combined with discussion of quantum physics, energy workers, and some fun animation included. Very Anastasia-feeling, and I'm sure the movie's director is one of our 'Light Activators'!

Elise, Columbia, Missouri, USA

We are enjoying Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars of Russia -- though not quite sure what to make of them! Megre has such a startling philosophy and view on life, it's hard to get one's head round it, but it certainly makes for fascinating reading. Congratulations on your translations -- they 'read' with an easy smoothness that makes one forget they were written in an alien tongue.

David, Wales, U.K.

What a blast that Anastasia is! I couldn't sleep after reading it; I went on the web and read every, and I mean every, reference I could find. I have been dreaming about this for years! I have been deeply engaged in esoteric work since the early 1970s when I discovered a School here in Sydney. I am most familiar with Advaita Vedanta teachings and have been studying the esoteric grammar of Sanskrit and the Veda as well as the Bible and other great texts since that time. I have also had strong, ongoing dreams of assisting people to find their way back to nature by providing them with all the necessary tools they might need to live simpler, more connected lives. Now here it is! I intend to do whatever I can to help spread this urgent and important message of Anastasia in Australia.

Bruce, Sydney, Australia

Last night I finished reading Anastasia, Book 1 of the Ringing Cedars Series. I just let Anastasia be in my life. And here comes a question. I know I can get the answer by myself after reading all the books, but I can't wait. Does Anastasia teach people how to create reality? How to fulfill one's dreams, how to manifest anything you want?
My husband finished reading Book 1, too. Today he said he had read hundreds and hundreds of books on spirituality but no one book had made such an effect on him like this one. Knowing him I will tell you that this quite a statement! As for the translation, he described it in one word -- "exquisite". Thank you very much for all your effort in making possible this exquisite translation. We are now reading Book 2.

Olga, Colorado, USA

When I embark on a new learning experience such as reading Book One, Anastasia, I am interested certainly in gaining new knowledge and of course in discovering new perspectives on consciousness and life in general. And on those two fronts, I will say that what I have absorbed from Anastasia by all means fulfills my interests.
However, there is an added, rather magical quality to the experience of getting to know Anastasia that I do not recall ever ­experiencing without being in someone's actual physical presence. It was not so much a book that I read but rather reading the book allowed me to meet a truly remarkable being whose love is beyond measure. In fact, her love is beyond what I could ever imagine a human being could experience. She has added to the depth and breadth of my beingness beyond what knowledge alone could impart. She has added to the lustre of my soul with the song of her being.
I am deeply impressed by her attention to the importance of everything. She notices the grandiosity of God's Vast & Wonderful Creation in even the smallest detail, even details I have never noticed as having anything to do with the vastness of Love in action. I take from this, my first reading of Book One, a profoundly deeper sense of the sacred in every living detail occurring all around me as well as in every detail of possible discovery within me.
In a highly lucid spiritual moment today at the conclusion on my morning disciplines, I was easily able to connect with Anastasia through her bigger-than-life eyes. She awaits our inquiry across time and space as to the issues and perplexities we'd like to rise above.
As for the translation, proofing and editing... wow, what a superb job you have done! It is almost as if the original discussions between Vladimir and Anastasia took place in English! Your team has chosen words and nuances that are so uniquely English, and I know how challenging that can be. I know how tough it can be to intuit a direct translation from Russian to English and visa versa. You have overcome that challenge creatively and with great insight. Thank you.

Garrett, Colorado, USA

I found Anastasia to be one of the most thought provoking books I have ever read. I found myself with a new revelation on nearly every page and it brought many of my thoughts / beliefs / instincts? full circle. Anastasia reinforced many of my deepest beliefs while also providing me with many new perspectives on our interconnectedness with the natural world and each other. I have found myself referring back to and reflecting on Anastasia daily and it has given me much insight and plenty to think about and act on in my daily life. I'm very thankful I learned of this book. I really look forward to digging into the second book.

Lawrence, Rutland, Ohio, USA

I'm reading Anastasia now. It came as a gift from a good friend. I'm so thrilled to have my knowings verified. I communicate with plants and trees now.
Claudia Ingraham, Denver, Colorado, USA

I loved the first book so much I named by new puppy, Anastasia. I'm serious about that. She is beautiful and full of love.

Sandy, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Ringing Cedars Series will impact a new generation of readers, like the works of Carlos Castaneda did for a previous generation - only this time through awakening the latent spiritual connection each of us has with nature. This is not about a walk in the woods, rather these books catapult us to an entirely new way of being on planet Earth.

Steven Foster, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA
Author of A field guide to medicinal plants and herbs

The Ringing Cedars invite us to step into a world where love is the primary creative force behind real physical events. This energy of love shows us how to focus on the here and now, in which happiness is revealed. It also guides us in the healing of our relationship with the whole planet.

Dr Richard Bolstad, Christchurch, New Zealand
Author of RESOLVE: a new NLP model of therapy

Anastasia is the prophet of our time... I first learnt about the Ringing Cedars from my aunt who lives in Germany and had read the German translation. It is quite a bestseller over there. She would call me from Germany and read entire chapters (in German) over the phone! I was particularly impressed by the homeless colonel chapter from Book 2. I will be sending a copy to my aunt, so she can compare the translations.

Noah, Columbia, Missouri, USA

Anastasia is real... I think the book is going to sell itself in English.

Steven, Brixey, Missouri, USA

A friend gave me the book Anastasia. I read it today outdoors while the sun shone warmly and the birds sang sweetly. My heart knows such an essence as her spirit and I am still basking in the glow of the presence.
After reading that Anastasia suffered a loss in strength after helping someone, I decided to send her distant reiki. I know from experimenting with my kids that it has a healing effect. Immediately after sending the distant reiki I 'heard' her say 'thank you'. Today I sent her distant reiki again. Soon after I was finished, I began smelling the sweetest scent of a flower, and the scent went into all my sinuses. My sinuses feel different now. I feel such an inexpressible feeling of love and joy. It is like being in love, but in a totally different way. If you were here right now I would hug you and let you feel it. Thank you for giving me such a sweet and precious gift.

Shanti, Gainesville, Missouri, USA

I have just finished reading the book. The last part I read very slowly because I didn't want it to end! It truly is a masterfully translated volume. I am working on it that I can buy more books and posters to give to friends and people of influence in regard of community concerns or plannings. It's time for me now to dream my beautiful future into life - good night - and best wishes.

Petra, Yelm, Washington, USA

The monumental ideas of the book still hold me under their spell. I have given the book to many of my friends and of course my husband. We are making a lot of changes in our life as a result of it as well... I must say the translator did an excellent job... Congratulations on your edition and good luck to you in your noble venture of delivering this most important text to the English-speaking world, which probably needs it the most due to its heavy technocratic dependency.

Tatyana, New York, New York, USA

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