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I used the siberian cedar nuts oil for a few mounths and I have to tell you its very energical. I resolved a lot of healthy disease and also I've found my real equilibre. Thank you! Its really powerfull!

Cristian Calugaru, Italy.


Thank you for your fantastic products :-) I wish you the best.

Ronni, Denmark.


I love this product. I am anxious to share with my eldery mother and father.

Jennifer Page, USA

Very pleased with the energy I am getting from the oil and bee pollen.

Alice Smith , USA


My husband has ordered some products from you, now we need more pine nuts as they are delicious.The books so far are very thought provoking and do indeed make you feel good as you read them.

Lyn, United Kingdom

Cedar nut oil works wonders!

I would like to tell you about cedar nut oil. My husband and I have been taking one tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach over six months, alternating between ten days with oil followed by five days without. Weíve had phenomenal results.

Six years ago my husband underwent an operation on his liver. He was obliged to follow a strict diet. Any departure from it and he would have an attack. He always kept pills handy, but they only relieved the pain. But as soon as he began taking cedar nut oil, he immediately felt a noticeable relief of the symptoms. Even though heís given up his dieting, he has absolutely no liver problems. We donít even have any liver medicine in the house. It has been replaced by cedar nut oil.

Another interesting thing: after taking a spoonful of oil in the morning you get a charge of energy that lasts the whole day. Even if you run around all day like a squirrel in a wheel-cage, thereís no fatigue come evening. My husband is 63 years old, but in his ability to work he can knock the socks off any younger man.

Iíve been helped by cedar nut oil too. After giving birth I got hemorrhoids and suffered with them for twenty years. No matter what remedies I tried it was no use. When I started taking cedar not oil, the thought came to me, why not make cedar enemas? I began introducing 2 ml of cedar nut oil into my anus with a single-use syringe. Since that time I feel as though I have reborn. Thereís not a trace of the hemhorroids left.

Another thing: I too had liver problems, just like my husband. Since I commenced taking cedar nut oil, my liver has not caused me any distress. And my skin has become really smooth and silky. Cedar nut oil does more for my skin than the most expensive cremes.

Iím personally convinced that cedar nut oil does work wonders. I recommend you give it a try.

Irina Nikolaevna Uziumova, Russia

Dear ENERGY OF LIFE INC., since you have send the ordered products to me, I want to let you know how happy I am with the Cedar Oil, the Cedar Nuts and now the pillow. When I unpacked it, I was so touched ( I had tears in my eyes) because it's so beautifully made. And since I can't thank the Cedar Trees, Anastasiya, Vladimir or all the other people involved, I thank you and let you know how grateful I am. Best wishes and Godspeed, Petra.

Petra, Yelm, Washington, USA

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